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Captain Bulldog

Vintage Cheddar

Captain Bertie Bulldog is quite partial to a good vintage cheddar, a proper cheese that’s properly British. It’s got a bit of bite and it’s well rounded – very loveable – a bit like him he says. He’s particularly fond of its subtle crunch. Some fresh bread, home-made pickle, and he’s in cheesy heaven.

Wizard’s Fire Red

Leicester with Scotch Bonnet and Harissa

Randolph the wizard is quite picky about his cheese. Like any wizard, he knows how to play with fire, and when he discovered our Red Leicester infused with the sweet spicy bite of scotch bonnet chilli and the warmth of harissa, his taste buds were ablaze with delight!

Dormouse’s Delight Wensleydale with Cranberry, Elderflower and Marmalade

There’s nothing Dorothea Dormouse enjoys more than the crumbly delight of creamy Wensleydale subtly infused with delicious tangy cranberries, gentle elderflower and a hint of spiced marmalade made with Seville oranges – it quite wears a body out, all that pleasure, so she’s having a little rest.


Wensleydale with Mango & Ginger

Castaway Jane’s been marooned for quite some time, but she’s not bothered about being rescued. She found a little shack a couple of beaches away that strangely, sells gorgeous little truckles of her favourite Wensleydale cheese fused with sweet mango and ginger – by heck, it’s enough to make a girl go native!

Truffle Seeker

Extra Mature Cheddar with Truffle & Honey

Fred “Piggy” Flaherty has always loved foraging for the gifts of nature, but now he’s hanging up his foraging hat. He’s discovered our extra mature cheddar with its rich, rounded flavour which has been subtly laced with the earthy nuttiness of truffles and imbued with the gentle sweetness of floral honey. What a find!


Naturally Oak Smoked Mature Cheddar

A veteran of the battlefield, Big Tom, known as “Gunpowder” to the regiment, knows his way around smoke, maybe that’s why he likes our naturally smoked cheddar. The gentle smokiness from seasoned oak fires adds a delicious fullness and tang which Tom says is bang on – and he should know!

True Grit

Despite its mature age, this cheddar has not lost any of its character. It’s a cheese with attitude and personality with a gritty texture. A true delight for any cheese connoisseur.

Red Hot

Whether you’re a fan of spicy food or just love the taste of peppers and garlic, our Double Gloucester Cheese with Chillies, Bell Peppers, and Garlic is a must-try for all cheese lovers. Grab a wedge and enjoy the explosion of flavours that this cheese blend has to offer.


This heavenly pairing creates a unique flavour explosion that is both sweet and savoury, leaving your taste buds begging for more. The rich, tangy flavour of the cheese is complemented perfectly by the delicate sweetness of the pineapple chunks.

Meadow Sage

The Derby cheese blended with sage boasts a creamy and velvety texture that melts in your mouth and leaves a delightful aftertaste. The natural flavour of sage elevates the already delicious flavour of the cheese, providing an additional layer of complexity that makes this cheese unique and irresistible.


This cheese is a perfect indulgence for any foodie who loves to savour the finer things in life. It’s a little bit extravagant, a little bit indulgent, and completely worth it. So go ahead – take a bite of heaven and let the rich, savoury flavours of cheddar cheese blended with Italian truffle transport you to a whole new realm of taste sensation.

Spring Rouge

This blend is perfect for those who love bold flavours that leave a lasting impression. It’s great for snacking, entertaining guests, or elevating everyday meals. With its unique combination of savoury and sweet, cheddar cheese blended with onions and chives is sure to become your new go-to ingredient for all your culinary needs or a standout truckle on a cheese board.

Woodland Oak

This oak smoked cheddar cheese is a savoury and indulgent treat for the senses. As you unwrap the packaging, the earthy aroma of oak permeates the air. A versatile addition to any charcuterie board, grilled cheese sandwich, or burger, this oak smoked cheddar cheese is sure to impress even the most discerning of palates.

Wee Dram

With every bite, the flavour of the cheddar cheese dances in harmony with the woody and earthy notes of the Scotch Whisky, transporting you to the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands. The blend of these two iconic flavours creates a deliciously complex taste that leaves your taste buds craving for more of the bold and robust flavour profile.

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