Hawaiian Truckle

For centuries, the cheese-making industry has added ingredients to their cheese. Traditional cheeses include Wensleydale with Cranberries and Dutch with cumin and cloves. Carron Lodge has been a leading producer of additive cheeses for quite a while now. Having expanded our waxing lines, it was only a matter of time before we started offering fruit-flavoured truckles.

One of the most popular products we make is Wensleydale & pineapple cheese. A lot of work went into perfecting the recipe for Wensleydale and pineapple. Our blended cheeses work well as an ingredient or to bring a burst of flavour to any cheeseboard.

Our own Wensleydale is a moist, crumbly Wensleydale cheese with a slightly salty flavour and an excellent aftertaste. Making it the perfect base for adding the chunks of Pineapples.

It provides a sweet and sharp, contrast perfectly with the creamy, slightly crumbly Wensleydale.

Our recent product launch of the Hawaiian truckle has attracted much interest, and we are possibly working on more product development in the future.

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