Winner of Best Soft White at the British Cheese Awards, Bix is fast becoming a British classic.

Luxurious and complex, this triple-cream cheese is prized for its indulgence. Bix aficionados find it very hard not to finish one in a single sitting.

A white rind, triple cream, soft cheese. Bix is mould ripened which means the bacteria and yeasts added during the make, mature and develop the rind during the ageing process. It is a light, buttery, creamy tasting cheese that we recommend is a ‘one sitting’ cheese, to be shared or indulged in. It is similar to a French triple cream cheese, Chaource, made in champagne country. Bix is ready for sale after only 2 weeks, however the age of best eating is personal preference. For a fresher more lactic flavour we suggest consuming between 3 and 4 weeks old. For a more mellow flavour and oozy texture, ideal for spreading on crackers, between 4 and 5 weeks old. It pairs well with a sparkling wine.

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