Godminster’s luxurious Black Truffle Vintage Organic Cheddar is the first – and only – organic black truffle cheddar in the world. Overflowing with deliciously decadent black truffle pieces, this cheddar has been recognised internationally as one of the best cheeses in the world with accolades from the International Cheese Awards and more to its name.

What makes this truffle cheddar so different? It’s the fact that it has the sustainable, eco-friendly credentials to back up the world-beating taste. The Godminster Black Truffle is crafted with the same organic cheddar that goes into the rest of the range, using milk from Godminster’s carbon negative farm in Bruton, Somerset. Through a combination of cutting-edge technology and sustainable farming practices, Godminster Farm sequesters (or locks away into the soil) over 870 tonnes of CO2 per year. That’s the same as flying 112 times around the world on your own private jet!

This Organic September, offer something different to your customers with the Godminster Black Truffle Vintage Organic Cheddar. Contact your Carron Lodge ASM to find out more.

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