Irish Cheese

Cahill Porter

Our original Irish porter cheese is matured for 10 months and blended with rich Irish porter to create a caramel, smoky undertone. The marbled effect means it looks as good as it tastes. The uniqueness of colour and fullness of flavour makes Cahill’s Porter Cheddar an unforgettable experience and the perfect addition to any cheeseboard.

Cahill Whiskey

This gourmet Cheddar is matured for 10 months and infused with the rich, warm notes of whiskey, creating a smooth, creamy cheese with a slightly caramel-like finish. The taste is smooth and rich without the whiskey overwhelming the milky flavours. Enjoy with fruit or your favourite sandwich.


Cooleeney is a creamy and buttery pasteurised cows milk cheese with a pale yellow paste and a hint of mushroom on the finish.


Ruby is handmade on the Maher family farm in Co. Tipperary Ireland. Using the milk from their own Friesian dairy herd, and washed with the ale from local craft brewery – White Gypsy. Ale washed soft cheese created using a local craft ale. Ruby has a soft velvety texture, smooth on the palate and oozes with a distinct malt flavour. It has an earthy aroma with a pleasant aftertaste which lingers on the palate.

Cashel Blue

A semi soft, hand made pasteurised approachable cows milk blue, with a subtle tang offset by a gentle creamy edge.


Gubbeen Cheese is a surface ripened, semi-soft, cow’s milk cheese with a pink and white rind. The flavours are creamy with mushroom and nutty aftertastes but vary depending on maturity of cheese


Durrus is a semi-soft cheese, naturally rind washed and mzde from an original recipe dating back to 1979. this cheese develops slowly and has a mild and creamy flavour when young, developing into a stronger more fruity flavour when matured.


This is a washed rind cheese with a rich, floral taste and firm to creamy texture.


Coolea cheese is a gouda type cheese made from pasteurised cow’s milk. The texture of Coolea cheese is rich with a sweet caramelly flavour.

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