Snowdonia Rock Star

For centuries, underground caves have been used as an environment for ageing cheese. Their consistent temperature, higher humidity and low barometric pressure create the ideal condition for cheese to mature. It also helps the cheese develop a distinctively rich flavour.


In 2020, our expert cheesemakers set about developing a Cheddar with the exceptional flavour that only cave-ageing can achieve. We discovered the perfect setting – a former slate mine, surrounded by the mountains of Snowdonia National Park and the protected Dark Sky Reserve. Its natural caverns, deep underground, provide an exciting opportunity for us to continue our pursuit of innovation close to Snowdonia Cheese Company’s home.


Crafted by expert cheesemakers using a very special recipe and profile, only the finest cheese is selected to be transferred deep into the caves. Once there, it completes its 18-month maturation in sealed slate chambers for the optimum development of the Cheddar’s distinctive flavour and characteristics.


The time spent underground gives this extraordinary Cheddar a deep flavour and a smooth, dense texture. It has a savoury aroma with delicately complex notes, while its texture is incredibly smooth and irresistibly creamy with the occasional crunchy crystal – a highly desirable characteristic of aged cheeses. On the palate, its complex, umami flavours are as deep as the caverns it is aged in, and it finishes with sweet, caramel notes and a savoury tang with a long finish. Encased in bespoke cobalt-coloured wax to celebrate the rocks of these historical mines, this cheese is the star of any cheeseboard.

You’ll find a wide range of Snowdonia products on our website, including the Rock Star range.

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